Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company Winston - Salem, North Carolina Operation management report

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This report is based on the plant information of Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company's sixth brewery, which located near Winston- Salem, North Carolina. The purpose of this report is to show the brewery's operation management, analysis and critique the plans and actions of the organization, and point out some disadvantages in the operating.

The following report is to introduce the brewery's profile and production process, which include brewing
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Fermentation is undoubtedly the most important stage to achieve the taste of the beer, because while sugar transformation into alcohol and carbonic gas takes place, yeast produces other substances in very small quantities, which are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the beer. The development of chemical analysis procedures that took place during recent years allowed a more comprehensive understanding about beer composition. It is therefore during the fermentation process that the beer style is created. This process normally will take a month.

These two steps are shown by figure 1.

Figure 1

The packaging process occurs after the fermentation. The beer flows to the keg, canning, and bottling lines when it our of the government cellar. There are five canning lines, three bottling lines, and a keg line can be run in the Winston- Salem brewery. The capacity for can lines is 1300 cans per minute, for bottle lines is 900 bottles per minute, and for keg line is 340 half- barrels per hour. For the five can lines, all the brands of beer can be canned at the same time, or one brand of beer can be canned with two different types at the same time. For three bottle lines, different bottle shapes and sizes can be filled at the same time, and new bottles and returnable bottles can be separated when filling and packaging. The packaging process also can be divided into two steps: 1. filling and capping and 2. pasteurizing. The packaging will

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