Jose Chavez 's Theory Of Psychosocial Development

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Case Study: Jose Chavez
Jillian Cloud
University of Texas at Arlington

Abstract This case study will describe a 13-year-old Mexican-America adolescent male, Jose Chavez, from El Paso, Texas. The paper will provide a brief depiction of Jose and his family, in order to better understand him and some of the complications that he and his family have encountered. In addition to his personal history, this paper will include the application of concepts and specific theories that expand the understanding of Jose Chavez’s development. The concepts and theories applied, include; Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, the Marxist theory of social conflict, Jean Piaget’s formal operations of cognitive
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The Chavez’s do the best that they can to support their family with the means that they have, considering their immigrant status” (Cloud, 2015). Jose was recently arrested for shoplifting from a local convenience store, which has caused numerous issues for him and for his family. He has since been released and placed on probation, along with having a social worker assigned to his case. Jose is currently in the seventh grade at the local public school. He maintains average grades and he has managed to avoid any major issues at school.

Biophysical, Physical and Motor Development Jose’s overall health is in good standing and he does not have any inherent deficiencies. Jose has not completed the puberty process, which can be attributed to the evidence that “puberty arrives earlier in economically advanced countries than in low-income countries and that nutrition and other living conditions play a role” (Newman & Newman, 2012). Although El Paso, Texas is in the United States of America, the conditions in which Jose and his family live and the means that they live by are minimal and similar to those which his parents endured while living in Mexico. During the growth period from childhood to adulthood, adolescent bodies experience substantial physical changes, but it is possible that Jose’s inadequate diet and frequent lack of sleep, due to in home sleeping arrangements, may be the reason
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