Jose Padilla And Bacon's How To Protect Female Farmworkers?

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The Human Rights Watch did a survey asking 52 farmworker women if they have been sexually harassed, and nearly all of them have, or they know someone who has. Female farmworkers are not safe from their coworkers and bosses. In Jose Padilla and David Bacon’s article “How to Protect Female Farmworkers,” they voice their opinions about how women working in the fields are getting sexually harassed and do not report it.They come up with a few solutions to this ongoing problem. I agree with their ideas on how to fix the harassment going on in the agriculture field.

In the article, Padilla and Bacon argue that out of the 400,000 women who work in agriculture many are getting sexually harassed. They state that most of these workers are immigrants who work low income jobs. They think women are vulnerable to being harassed because of the lack of supervision and the workers not being legal citizens. A female farmworker told a story about how a workplace is called “the field of panties.” They believe women let this happen to them because they get paid $5,000 less than males, and they are happy to be getting
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Padilla and Bacon think the number one solution is to educate and reach out to women who work in the fields. They want the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to have more officers in rural areas and have the workers be able to speak Spanish or indigenous languages. The article talks about how district attorneys and state prosecutors should be having more sexual cases, but they are not because many workplaces have specific ways to voice their complaints. They think that there should be a 24/7 call line open with a person waiting on the other side. Padilla and Bacon think undocumented women need protection if they come forward with a charge of sexual harassment. They want the bosses to be fined when there are cases of sexual violence in that
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