Jose Rodriguez Gonzales : The Father For Health Related Issues

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Introduction The person I interviewed name is Javier Gonzales. He is his Hispanic and is from Spain. He has been living here in America for 30+ years. He states “he feels more like an American than his own culture”. He is now 49 years old. He goes back to visit his family yearly because he still have brothers and sisters that lives in Spain. Values Orientation His view of death is a time where family comes together to support the ill family member, he does not believe in sending his family member to a nursing home to have outsiders care for them. The immediate family provides care for that individual. His family looks to each other for support, when one of their relatives becomes ill. His older sister provided the bulk of care, when his parents became ill and passed away. They wash the body before the body is taken to the morgue. They use to always depend on the father for health-related issues because he is considered the head of household. Education is very important to him. He came to America when he was a teenager, so he can get a better education. He is a very hard worker. His father used to work on a farm, when he was going up and saw how hard his father would work in the fields to provide for him and his family. He is very open to change, especially if it is improving the individual quality of life. Communication When he is at home, the primary language spoken is English, but when he goes back to his country. He speaks Spanish. He is married to an American with two

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