Josee Young . Eng Iv B 1St Hr. May 19, 2017. Suicide

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Josee Young
Eng IV B 1st hr
May 19, 2017 Suicide

One of the questions sociologists have attempted to answer is. “ 'What drives people to commit suicide? ' Most teens who have been interviewed after a suicide attempt say that what causes teen suicide are feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Suicide is when a person end his or her own life. Studies show that at least 90% of teens who kill themselves have some type of mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, or a behavior problem. They may also have problems at school or with friends or family, or a combination of all these things. Some teens may have been victims of sexual or physical abuse. Others may
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All that they care about are that groups norms and goals and they completely neglect their own needs and goals. They take their lives for a cause. Anomic suicide is related to too low of a degree of regulation. This type of suicide is committed during times of great stress or change. Without regulation, a person cannot set reachable goals and in turn people get extremely frustrated. Life is too much for them to handle and it becomes meaningless to them.
And finally fatalistic suicide is People commit this suicide when their lives are kept under tight regulation. They often live their lives under extreme rules and high expectations. These types of people are left feeling like they’ve lost their sense of self. Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders. The child or adolescent needs to have his or her illness recognized and diagnosed, and appropriate treatment plans developed. When parents are in doubt whether their child has a serious problem, a psychiatric examination can be very helpful.
Most teens spend a short time to plan to kill themselves. They may have thought about it or tried it in the past but only decide to do it after an event that produces feelings of failure or loss, such as getting in trouble, having an argument, breaking up with a partner, or receiving a bad grade on a test. Females attempt suicide three times as often as males. Firearms are used in 51% of male suicides. 34.8% of female suicides used drugs

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