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A mad-scientist by definition is “a stock character in popular fiction; a bubbling scientist working on unlikely ways to save the world, or a villainous one best on destroying it.” (“mad…”). We were raised hearing the story of Frankenstein and his monster, but what if mad-scientists were in fact real. Many people see Joseph Mengele as a ruthless murderer, but he actually had a whole lot to do with the survival of individuals every day. Many don’t give him the credit of his findings because it was done under eerie circumstances, but without Mengele we would not have the information we have today about the human body. Josef Mengele was the most influential mad-scientist of modern medicine. Josef Mengele was raised in Günzburg, Bavaria, Germany…show more content…
He moved through the ranks and earned multiple awards including the Iron Cross First class, Black Badge for the Wounded, and Medal for the care of German people. To earn these awards, he saved two German soldiers from a burning tank then only a few months later was seriously injured and deemed unfit for service (“Josef Mengele”). This may have been seen as an end, but really it was a new beginning. Mengele gained a great amount of knowledge while in the war, and left with the desire to solve the problems the soldiers faced every…show more content…
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