Josef Mengele

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Informational Outline
Topic: Josef Mengele
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform the audience about Josef Mengele, a doctor in Auschwitz and a psychological quandary.
Thesis: From his early life to his insane experiments, Josef Mengele is a perfect model of the evils humans are capable of.

I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, the man that ordered the death of around 1.6 million people. Men, women, old, or young, no one was an exception. At the point of a finger they were sent to the gas chambers. Prisoners learned quickly that he was someone whose orders were to be followed without argument. Names such as Lord of Life and Death, Dr. Auschwitz and even God were commonly used by
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From 1938 to 1939 Mengele spent six months with a specially trained mountain regiment in Tyrol. 12. Then, in 1940 he served in the reserve medical corps 13. After this, he spent three years with a Waffen SS unit leading to a wound causing him to be declared medically unfit for combat 14. He earned four decorations for his service in the SS unit, including the Iron Cross First Class and Second Class, which are medals awarded for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battlefield environment. III. Now that I’ve discussed Mengele’s life prior to Auschwitz, I will tell you about his time spent there.

f. Josef Mengele arrived in Auschwitz unaware of the evils he would discover during his stay; however his quick adjustment to the cruelty of Auschwitz is a sign of his ability to rationalize the irrational. viii. Mengele had several reasons for wanting to come to Auschwitz. 15. The main reason for his asking to be sent to Auschwitz was the many opportunities Auschwitz could provide for his research. 16. All of his scientific works suggest his commitment to incorporate science into the Nazi vision. 17. “Dr. Mengele had the air of a man who took great satisfaction in his work and was pleased with his calling.” Wrote one inmate. 18. Mengele came to be a name feared by most living in the camp; it was well known he was not someone to be crossed
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