Josef Mengele's Experiments During The Holocaust

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Auschwitz Auschwitz was one of the largest and first concentration camp during WW2 and next to Auschwitz were two other death camps that were named Auschwitz ll and lll. At Auschwitz, there was a total of 8 gas chambers and 4 of them can hold up to 2,000 prisoners (Mostly Jews) at a time. There were 11 million people murdered in the Holocaust and it estimated that 6 million Jews were killed and one in six was killed at Auschwitz.
At Auschwitz, Josef Mengele nicknamed, “ The Angel of Death” was an experienced doctor that experiments on kids and other people, for example, he injected some serum into a kids eye to see if the eye would change color and most of his experiments didn't have any anesthesia so his patients would feel a lot of pain.
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