Joseph And The Bible

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But Joseph himself also had two children – Ephraim and Manasseh. In taking away her disgrace, God showered Rachel with His grace.
The Bible does not tell us anything more about Joseph until, at the age of seventeen, we read about him tending his father 's flocks with his brothers (Genesis 37:2). Joseph was the favourite of his father, Jacob, since he was the son of Jacob’s old age (Genesis 37:3) and the first born son of his favourite wife.
Joseph lived 110 years and there is not a single sin attributed to him.
• Joseph endured trials and afflictions that most of us cannot even imagine and nowhere does the Bible ever hint that his faith in God wavered.
• Whether he was in the pit, the palace, or the prison, He was the same man.
• Hardships did not harden his heart. Riches and power did not corrupt him.
• He was hated misunderstood, falsely accused, mistreated, and suffered unjust treatment, yet he never complained
In many ways Joseph is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ.
• He was beloved by his father and obedient to his will.
• He was hated and rejected by his own brethren and sold as a slave.
• He was stripped of his robe. He was sold for silver. He was slandered and lied about.
• He was elevated from the place of suffering to a powerful throne.
No wonder Joseph is considered a type of Jesus Christ!
Jacob, has just finished blessing Naphtali and then his son Joseph comes forward. Jacob pronounces a long blessing on Joseph. Let us consider Jacob’s blessings on Joseph:

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