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Joseph Andrews In Fielding’s Joseph Andrews you see a variety of characters. They range from the shallow, vain and proud characters like Lady Booby and Mrs. Slipslop to the innocent, sincere, and virtuous like Joseph and Fanny. The presence of Lady Booby, and all of the people like her that are portrayed in the same selfish and dishonest way, bring out the importance of the clergy. Most of the clergy that we meet in the story don’t fit our vision of “holy people”. They didn’t fit Fielding’s vision either. Parson Adams is the only character that represents what Fielding considers to be the proper role for the clergy. He believes that the proper role for the clergy is that they should give moral guidance and they should be virtuous and…show more content…
Even though it is his job to set a good example and forgive other people for their sins, he is just a drunk who is also in need of being saved and forgiven. Adams shows up at the inn, greatly concerned for Joseph’s health and safety, and such uncharitable people surround him that one cannot help but notice his sincere and caring nature. Adams gives Joseph the little money that he has, even though it is not enough. He is not aware of the economics of everyday life, but it his gesture to give his friend all of his money that makes him such a great person. He believes that an honest mind would rather lose money by conveying good instructions to mankind than gain by propagating evil. It is easy to compare the good and the bad clergymen in these couple chapters because they are almost standing side by side. It is very clear that Fielding chooses Adams to take on the proper role as a parson. Adams and Joseph travel on but stop at another inn for the night. It is in this chapter that we see the first of many fistfights. The hostess cares for Joseph but her husband scolds her for wasting time. She is very much like Betty back at the other inn. Neither one of them are perfect but they have a sense of charm that puts them on a higher pedestal than the rich snobby people that reappear later in the story. But the host of the inn begins to fight after a remark by Adams about the host’s very little humanity. The fight is settled and a
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