Joseph Campbell Iron man Essay

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11 February 2014
The Fate of a Hero: Ironman The Modern Hero Stories of heroes have been told, written, and passed down since the beginning of time; each unique but following a tight pattern. Joseph Campbell was the first to notice this and wrote a book called The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Campbell wrote about the similarities of every hero’s journey while breaking it down into three steps: Departure, Initiation, and Return. In his book, Campbell compares many old Greek myths and heroic tales from centuries ago, and although he focuses on ancient myths, modern hero stories follow Campbell’s stages just as closely. Ironman is a prime example of a modern story that follows Campbell’s pattern. Tony Stark (Ironman) is an eccentric
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He does not know the danger that surrounds his situation, and has no clue what could happen when he tries to flee. The world beyond the prison camp is unsure for Tony; however he decides to cross the threshold anyways. Now that the hero has crossed the first threshold he enters what Campbell labels as the belly of the whale. Campbell referring to this step, “This popular motif gives emphasis to the lesson that the passage of the threshold is a form of self-annihilation. Its resemblance to the adventure of the Symplegades is obvious. But here, instead of passing outward, beyond the confines of the visible world, the hero goes inward, to be born again.” Tony experiences a deep realization when he enters the belly of the whale. His lifestyle and morals change when he learns that Middle Eastern towns are being destroyed by terrorists that are using weapons he designed. With a newly designed suit, Tony works to fix his past mistakes and globalize peace. Just as Campbell described Tony is born again through a form of self-annihilation. After traversing through the belly of the whale the hero starts the next step in his journey known as the road of trials. The hero
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