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Case Study Chapter #3 Case Study: Chapter 3, Joseph’s Story A-H A.) List Joseph’s risk factors and create a brief summary of the information you have so far. Identify how his risk factors would affect cellular function. * The risk factors that Joseph had were smoking, lack of exercise, excessive weight gain, stressing, fatty foods, and a family history of vascular disease. Joseph is middle age Caucasian male who has suffered a heart attack. This may have been caused by him not taking care of his body properly. Joseph is already at high risk for heart disease due to a family history if vascular disease. He has also been stressing, an increase in weight, not exercising, and unhealthy eating. These things could all…show more content…
Breaking down the mitochondria would affect Joseph heart because lysosome enzymes which are bound within the vesicles will digest the plasma membranes and the membranes of the other organelles. D.) Two important pieces of information- the instructions Joseph’s body needs to repair itself and his predisposition for vascular disease- are both contained within the cell on what structures? - Joseph body is going to need its DNA to replicate itself, and also the growth and reproduction of his cells is going to be found on the Cytosol. E.) Joseph’s heart attack has caused the function of his cells to change. What types of proteins in the cell membrane were involved in the homeostatic imbalances of his heart cells? * The type of proteins in the cell membrane that was involved in homeostatic imbalance of his heart cells were ATP. There was no ATP, so it affected the pumps in the membrane. The calcium levels rose, and it caused proteases to spill into the interior of the cell, attacking the cytoskeleton. This caused the lysosome enzymes to digest the plasma membranes and membranes of the organelles. F.) Why was reestablishing oxygen flow to Joseph’s body so important? What processes would be affected by the lack of oxygen? * Reestablishing oxygen flow to Joseph’s body was important because the body was not functioning properly without
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