Joseph Dunn, The Owner And General Manager Of Dunn's Ski Emporium

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Introduction Joseph Dunn is the owner and general manager of Dunn’s Ski Emporium in Vail, Colorado. Business has been above their competitors for years, but Joseph believes he is able to bring in more business if he merges with the Deli next-door. The business from the ski emporium has attracted customers to the deli and vice versa. George is thinking of retiring in the next few years, and Joseph wants to ensure that George’s success continues after he retires. Joseph is a social architect by trade and has faith that he is able to change both businesses into one, while staying above his competitors. Change demands leadership, and leadership is about coping with change. The result is that businesses have to seek change to survive and compete effectively (Kotter, 1990). In this case study, Joseph will create an illustration, encouraging imagination, and will show how all of their employees will play a role in ensuring success. Joseph relies on his transformational leadership style. He is a leader that is capable of initiating a bold strategy and is instrumental in the process that change is occurring. In order for him to remain competitive, he must respond quickly to the pressures of economic globalization (Lam, 2011). In order for Joseph to enhance his role as a leader he has to take initiative, think outside the box, listen to and take advice from George and all employees, and motivate everyone to work towards the end state: a combined, prosperous business. The overall goal

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