Joseph Frankl 's Man 's Search For Meaning

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Viktor Frankl is a well known psychiatrist and neurologist. He is praised for his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, a story that depicts Frankl’s viewpoint during the Holocaust. The narrative illustrates Victor’s perspective and his coping techniques during this time. Frankl also mentions his theory of Logotherapy. A technique that he uses to help people find meaning with their life.
My reaction to this book can be summarized into two words: mind-blowing. I feel this every time I read or watch anything that has to do with the Holocaust.I sympathized with all the prisoners, but I will never understand the torture they went through because I did not experience it. However, reading these detailed text about Frankl’s experience, has given me a perspective on what life was like in the concentration camps.
Harsh Treatment Something that surprised me in the story was how oppressor did not care about the oppressed. Usually one feels pity or sympathy towards someone’s misfortune especially if they do not deserve it. However, the SS officers and the Capos felt neither. Some SS officers deliberately tormented the prisoners for pleasure. For example, the prisoners were given a rare opportunity to warm themselves up for a few minutes by the stove. In order to torture them, the guard dumped the fire into the snow.1 How can a human treat another human like this? This treatment angers me. Frankl’s ability to restrain himself and the anger he must have felt after experiencing such…
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