Joseph Goebbels Adolf Hitler

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The eyes are the only part of a person that remains pure throughout their life, because while a person’s body may become frail with age and their face gaunt, never fading are their eyes. There is a certain poetic beauty to this fact, as it is true for all people, from the kindest of saints to the most sadistic of rulers, the eyes that they see the world with were once those of a child in awe of their surroundings and an unruly teenager, ready to conquer the world. All people were once innocent, it is their environment that harden them and mold them as they progress into adulthood, but try as it might, the world can never change someone’s eyes, a glimmer into a simpler time in that person’s life, when the world seemed pure and limitless.…show more content…
In 1926, he had Goebbels give speeches at party meetings in Munich, and at the annual Party Congress, which that year was held in Weimar. For the following year’s congress, for the first time, Goebbels was included in the planning, where he and Hitler decided that the rally was to be filmed for propaganda. Having received praise for doing well at all of these events, Goebbels began to even further idolize Hitler, and more importantly began to gain Hitler’s respect. In the same year (1926), Goebbels was offered the position of Gauleiter (regional party leader) for the Berlin section, and in October of 1926, accepted. Goebbels’ appointment to this office was also an important strategic move for Hitler, as now with Goebbels in Berlin, Strasser’s rival northwestern group had been successfully split up and dissolved. On top of having nearly total authority over the organization and leadership for his Gau, (terrirory) Goebbels was given control over the local paramilitary units known as the Sturmabteilung, (SA) the precursor to the Schutzstaffel (SS), which Goebbels also led. During his time as Gauleiter, to gain publicity for the Nazi party, Goebbels would purposely aggravate beer-hall battles and street brawls, and orchestrated violent attacks on the Communist party of Germany. Goebbels actions resulted in increased public exposure to the Nazi party, but they also provoked the Berlin
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