Joseph Haydn Accomplishments

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Among the creators of fundamental genres of classical music was Joseph Haydn. His influence upon later composers was tremendous. Joseph Haydn’s most acclaimed pupil was Ludwig van Beethoven, and his musical form casted a huge shadow over the music of many composers such as, Mendelssohn, and Schubert. Joseph Haydn is the composer whom more than others epitomizes and aimed for achievements of the Classical era. Joseph Haydn was born on March 31, 1732 in Rohrau Austria. He was one of three boys born to Mathias Haydn and Anna Maria Koller. Both of Haydn’s parents especially his father loved music. Haydn started to display his musical gifts at an early age. His parents sent him to live with their relative, Johann Matthias Frankh because he was…show more content…
Hayden then gained his popularity outside of palace walls and eventually he started to write music for publication as for the family. Haydn wrote several important works during this time period. Several of his important works were commissions from abroad, like the Paris symphonies and the original orchestra version of “The Seven Last Words of Christ.” During this time Haydn began to feel sequestered, and lonely. He started to miss his friends and family back in Vienna. This is where Haydn began to be known to all of Europe. And was widely considered the greatest living composer. He married Maria Anna Keller in 1760. His marriage was proved to be an unhappy one, both of them took on lovers. And they had no children together. He had a long-term affair with Luigia Polzelli, she was a young Italian mezzo-soprano singer who also worked in the prince’s service. Haydn remind in their employment for 30 years. This is when Haydn wrote many of his instrumental compositions and operas that were performed. Haydn’s Sympathy no. 96 is nicknamed the “Miracle” because during the performance a chandelier fell to the ground but no-one was injured or killed. Haydn’s first opera was called The Limping Devil. Haydn was also known as the “father of the string quartet” because he was the first to compose four-part music for a viola, cello and 2 violins. Audience would flock to Hayden’s concerts. Joseph Haydn was a prolific composer with 104 symphonies, 32 Piano Trios, 90 String Quartets, and 62 Piano Sonatas. One of Haydn’s most famous String Quartets was the “Emperor Quartet”. In 1790, the head of the Esterhazy family, Prince Nikolaus passed away. The new prince Prince Anton had no interest in music and ended up dismissing most of the court musicians. However Haydn retained though he was no longer assigned an important duty. Which then allowed Haydn time to go and pursue his personal musical
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