Joseph Houben

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Pierre Joseph Houben died on October 31st, 2062, In Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He lived a long and healthy life making it to 45 years of age. During Pierre's life he has done a lot of things for the community and the world. When Pierre was 18 he joined the United States military enlisting in the army's infantry, right after of dropping out of his high school Stevens Point Area Senior High. During his military career he served 3 tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. After serving his country he went to school at UW-Madison at the age of 23 pursuing a career in Business. After getting his degree and achieving a 4.0 grade average at the age of 27 he started a Business that sells and manufactures Lawn mowers. Being so young and innovative his new company made over $62 Million in sales in just 4 years.…show more content…
At 31 Pierre Met his favorite politician and business associate, Donald J. Trump. Pierre was also very involved in politics and donated $2 million to the republican party. Wanting to give back to the community Pierre Houben taught Business at UW-Madison and The University of South Carolina for 13 years. At 44 Pierre Moved to Iceland and caught a very rare disease and after moving back to the United States a year after Pierre accidently overdosed on prescription Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup. Pierre is survived by his 48 year old Brother Christian Houben. Pieere also had 3 Sons, Shooter Mcgavin Houben(17) Pierre Bourne Houben jr.(21) and Walker Texas-Ranger Houben(24). His Funeral will be at Kusch Brother Funeral Home on November 11th at
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