Joseph John Ellis : An American Historian And Professor

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Topic: Name: Institution: Date: Joseph John Ellis was born in 18th July 1943. He is an American historian and professor. His work extensively focuses on the period and lives of the founders of the United States of America as well as biographies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, the Revolution including the early federalist years. Ellis obtained his B.A from the College Of William And Mary where he was introduced to Theta Delta Chi. Ellis gained his M.A and Ph.D from Yale University during 1969. He was a professor the United States Military Academy at West Point. In 1979, he became a senior professor and taught at Mount Holyoke College. Moreover, he is Ford Foundation Professor. Currently, Ellis teaches at the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In his book, Ellis examines selected interaction of individuals who significantly influenced the early development of United States. He developed his book by considering certain events during the decade that followed the 1787 Constitutional Convention to the depict history as it was being developed. Ellis examines how a group of talented though flawed individuals (James Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, Adam, Benjamin Franklin, and Aaron Burr) confronted the overwhelming challenges before setting the foundation of United States (4). In 1790, American had a fragile hope, and reality was uncertain. The founding fathers combined the principles of the
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