Joseph M. Juran 's Life

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Joseph M. Juran lived a long life comprised of many accomplishments. Using his natural gifts of intelligence, Juran went from being a poor immigrant to being known for his quality control expertise. He has also been known as the “father” of quality, and even a quality guru. This paper gives insight into Jurans life and how he was able to work his way up to his many accomplishments.
Joseph was born in Braila, Romania in December of 1904. Five years later his father, Jakob Juran, departed Romania and came to the United States in order better the life of his family. Three years pass by and Joseph’s father had finally earned enough money to bring his family to the United States. The Juran family decided to settle down in Minneapolis, Minnesota and even though they were very hopeful, poverty still took control of their lives.
During his childhood, Joseph surprisingly excelled at learning. He was so far ahead of the average students that he eventually skipped the “equivalent of four grade levels” (Joseph M. Juran, 2000). In 1920, Joseph enrolled at the University of Minnesota and a short four years later graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After returning to school, about a decade later, Joseph received a J.D. in Law at Loyola University in 1935.
In 1924, soon after graduation, Joseph started working at Western Electric. At Western Electric Joseph worked within the inspection department of the famous Hawthorne Works located in Chicago. Hawthorne Works was a very
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