Joseph Mccarthy And The Red Scare Essay

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In 1940’s - 1950’s America we were in the beginning of the Cold War, Eastern Europe had fallen to the Communists and was now proxies of the Soviets. There was encroachment in the South Americas and Central Americas of communist factions destabilizing governments the US supported. And here at home the Red Scare was ramping up. Were there communists trying to work in the shadows and turn Americans into communist? Were our kids in danger from communists? The fear of communists destabilizing the government was so great that in 1947 congress passed the Federal Loyalty Program which was designed to check on government employees to confirm they weren’t members of the communist party or had communist sympathies. The Federal Loyalty Program was obnoxious…show more content…
Congress also created the House on Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, the goal of HUAC was to investigate Hollywood for communism and communist propaganda being broadcasted to the American public. They hauled movie stars, screenwriters, directors, up and interviewed them to the thrill of the national press corps, they pressed them to implicate others in Hollywood and name names. Ten of those interviewed refused based on the unconstitutional nature of and violation of the First Amendment for this many of them were blacklisted from Hollywood. Joseph McCarthy despite his renown for anticommunism, he was not part of the HUAC. Later he held his own committees based on his secrete list of 205 plus names that were communists or communist sympathizers in the US government. Communism was not and has never been a major threat in the United States. It was not in the 1950’s it is not now. Anyone that brings up red scare is doing so trying to invoke fear to distract you from whatever domestic problems actually need confronting. The biggest reason that can be said was that the American Communist Party was extremely tiny and the fact that we have a two party system effectively neuters any third party from gaining real power either through legal or illegal
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