Joseph Mengele and his Atrocities Essay

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Three thousand twins entered Auschwitz between 1940 and 1944. Only two hundred and fifty pairs of twins ever had the smell of freedom again. Why did this unfortunate event occur? It occurred because the Nazis party was in control and Adolf Hitler was the Fuhrer and he wanted a perfect race. "Right, left", what kind of a man could send people to their death with a flick of a cane, without one scent of remorse or one inkling of guilt? -his name was Josef Mengele. (Nazi304) Hitler gave Mengele all the resources he could and this is the main reason why he went to Auschwitz, because the of the availability of the victims he could do his work on. The stories and pictures of Auschwitz tell a gruesome tale of death and torture. Josef Mengele…show more content…
During his stay at Auschwitz he was nicknamed the "Angel of Death." When the trains arrived at Auschwitz they would sit i the cars for days before being herded out like cattle. After this hellish journey, the first thing that people saw when they left the cars was Josef Mengele, the Angel of Auschwitz standing in his immaculate SS uniform, shining boots, perfectly brushed and pressed shirt and pants, and glistening silver skulls.(Mengele156) He would perch there and would yell "left!" or "right!", left meaning a quick end as you headed to the gas chambers and right meant you were placed on a starvation diet and had to work as a slave. During this time in Auschwitz his first and only son, Rolf, was born on March 11, 1944. His moment of happiness in Auschwitz (his perverse perception of happiness) was short lived. In the middle of January in 1945 he fled Auschwitz and went to Grossen- Rosen camp. He then fled before the Russians liberated it on February 11, 1945. After fleeing Grossen-Rosen he was captured as a prisoner of war and held in a POW camp in Munich. He stole some papers from a fellow prisoner and the American Army released him not realizing he was part of the SS. During his life on the run he went under several aliases, these include;

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