Joseph Nye's Conception Of Soft Power In The United States

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A realist’s view of the world is based on the idea of an anarchic global structure, where there is no higher power or authority above that of the states. Such a person sees the world as having competing power bases, maintaining individual states’ interests through the exercise of power. The primary concern is survival and this is accomplished by leveraging power. It is “the realist’s conception of power that has come to shape mainstream accounts of world politics.” Based on this view, in simplified terms, one might say that only through force can power be achieved. And one might assume that such force must be physical, coercive, or military in nature.
However, Joseph Nye asserts that soft power, or the “ability to affect others through the co-optive means of framing the agenda, persuading, and eliciting positive attraction in order to obtain preferred outcomes,” can be wielded in order to reach goals in international relations. Exerting one state’s soft power involves utilizing non-material forms of power, such as the “attractiveness” of a culture, political idea, or policy in order to shape the wants or goals of another state. A common sense approach is to see that not only hard power (force), but soft power (persuasion or attraction) can also be
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has also used soft power in what may be viewed as a less-traditional method of power through the use of media, specifically Hollywood movies. Movies that are directed and produced in the U.S. are viewed throughout the world, oftentimes spreading the message of democracy and American ideals. As masses of people view these movies, they begin to believe in, and long, for democracy. During World War II, the government created an office, the Office of Wartime Information, that worked with Hollywood to interject effective propaganda into productions. These movies were not just viewed in America, but also viewed abroad and helped to sustain support for America and the Allied nations during
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