Joseph Raymond McCarthy and Communism Essay

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Joseph Raymond McCarthy, once a senator, is best known for his accusatory remarks on communism. During a time of cold war, opposition to McCarthy was the last thing the public wanted, in fear of being accused themselves. McCarthy led a life of almost fifty years, beginning on November 14, 1908 and ending on May 2, 1957 due to acute hepatitis and numerous additional ailments and liver problems (Reference Staff). Joseph McCarthy was born in Grand Chute, Wisconsin on November 14, 1908 to Timothy and Bridget McCarthy. In adolescence and early adulthood, McCarthy completed eight grades of schooling and started farm work, only to return to high school in Manawa in 1929. McCarthy completed high school in a year’s time (“Wisconsin Historical…show more content…
During his time in the Marines, McCarthy challenged, and is defeated by, Alexander Wiley for the Republican primary for US Senate. Once McCarthy resigned from the Marines in 1945, he returned to Appleton to repossess his seat as judge. Within the next year, he begins his political stance by running against the low campaigning Senator Robert La Follette Jr. with the strategy of heavy campaigning and attacking La Follette. McCarthy defeats La Follette and goes on, in November of 1946, to defeat the Democratic candidate Howard J. McMurray in the general election. During the start of his political career, anti-communism was only a minor issue for McCarthy. During McCarthy’s first few years as senator, anti-communism started to take a larger stance in United States politics, as well as the United States as a whole (“Wisconsin Historical Images”). McCarthy started the age of McCarthyism on February 9, 1950 when he announced his first list. McCarthy stated, “I have in my hand a list of 205, a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who, nevertheless, are still working and shaping policy in the State Department.” Within the following weeks, McCarthy claimed that there were different numbers of communists within the United States that he had listed, including 57, as he told reporters, and later 81, as he told the Senate. McCarthy’s
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