Joseph Sher Research Paper

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Joseph Sher Krepice, Poland, July 27, 1917 Joseph Sher was born to Simon and Felicia Sher. Simon was a tailor mainly for priest. Joseph had five other siblings, three sister and two other brothers. As he grew up he learned that Jews were disregarded and second-hand citizens in Poland. But little did he know that it would get much worse for them.

Hitler’s hatred of the Jewish race stems from the German defeat in the first World War. He blames them for a “stab in the back” even though 100,000 Jews had served from Germany and Austria and 12,000 were killed. Right after he and his family moved to the city of Czestochowa, the German military came in and put placards up that ordered all Jewish males between the ages of 15 to 80 to report
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