Joseph Stalin And The Cold War

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About Joseph Stalin:
Born in December 21, 1879 Joseph Stalin the dictator of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, grew up in Gori, Russia to become the ruler of the Soviet Union and the leader of the world's communism for around 30 years. Stalin was known for his crude and cruel ways. He was known to kill anyone who threatened power. His pitilessness was astonishing and his casualties ended the lives of several millions of Soviet individuals. Not to mention, he also drove a worldwide battle to "socialize" the world, which brought about the deaths of many millions around the world. He was the leader of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) after Vladimir Lenin who died in 1924. Stalin led the Soviet Union until he passed in 1953. The USSR founded in December 30 1922 and dissolved in 1991. Until 1989 the Communist party secretly
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The Soviet Union won control of Eastern Europe. It controlled half of Germany and half of Germany’s capital, Berlin. Following World War II. The United States, Britain, and France controlled western Germany and West Berlin. In June 1948, the Soviet Union blocked roads and railroads that led to West Berlin. Stalin was slowly taking over Eastern Europe and America and Russia had different Aims for Germany.

Joseph Stalin was and still is considered to have played a major role in the cold war; some people even would go as far as to say that he was the one to start the war. Whilst under Stalin’s commands he soon started to control a peasant society. Stalin ruled by spreading terror and with a strict grip in order to eliminate anyone who might dare to face him. Millions of farmers refused to cooperate with Stalin’s orders and were shot or exiled as punishment. Stalin’s started to show interest in taking over Eastern Europe. Which was the first step into the Cold War but it wasn’t a big step. There has been tension between the US and the
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