Joseph Stalin's Power

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Joseph Stalin is one of the most notorious figures in history. It all started in 1875, with a young Caucasian, Vissarion Ivanovich (son of Ivan) Djugashvili, set out from the village Didi – Lilo, near Tiflis, the capital of the Caucasus, to settle in the little Georgian country town of Gori. There he started a small shoemaker's business. Vissarion Djugashvili was the son of Geogian peasants who only ten years before had still been surfs. He was just a slave to some Georgian landlord. He would never have been free to leave his native village and become an independent artisan. Certainly the day came where Vissarion, then must have left his village in a mood of hopeful elevation. He had become a free man, and now as an independent artisan he…show more content…
Stalin waited until all the Paliburo members have stated their preferred policies. He continued to use the position of General Secretary of the Communist Part to promote all of the loyal supporters and expel those who could not be sure about. From the mid-1930s he began to use public events had accused people and would get them arrested, tortured, killed or all of it combined. According to this website "Joseph Stalin's Rise to Power." A&E Television Networks shows him getting closer to what he wants. In 1924 when Vladimir Lenin died, Stalin took over the whole leadership of the Soviet Union. Fear became one of the main weapons Stalin used against the Soviet people. He began growing with his power and control. Stalin had eventually got his rivals and won the power struggle for control of the communist party. By the late 1920's he become dictator of the Soviet Union. Starting in the late 1930'2 Stalin launched a series of five year plans. He intended to transform the Soviet Union from a peasant, weak society into an industrial superpower. His developed plan mostly focused on the government’s economy and its wealth. Stalin took control over the farms and forced to collect the Soviet agriculture. Whoever did not cooperate with Stalin’s order were exiled. The forced collectivization led to widespread famine acrid the Soviet Union that killed millions of people. He wanted to create a strong union by his
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