Joseph: The Jew who Ruled Egypt Essay

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A boy with a special gift, the ability to interpret dreams, brings him great power and wealth. His childhood was destroyed by his older brothers who were jealous of him. God loved this boy and created him a nation, the nation of Egypt. Joseph was his name. He is the Jew who captured the heart of the Egyptian Pharaoh and became a governor over all of Egypt. His story is known to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike who all regard him as a timeless hero. The story of Joseph, as told in the book of Genesis in the King James Bible begins when he is seventeen years old. He is the eleventh son of Jacob, also known as Israel, and the first of Rachel. His father favored him over his 10 older brothers, leading Jacob make Joseph a long coat…show more content…
As Joseph served the Lord, God put protection over the house and fields of Potiphar. One day, Potiphar’s wife saw attraction in Joseph and attempted to seduce him into her bed. However, Joseph refused time and again as she persisted to have him sleep with her. Angry with Joseph, Potiphar’s wife went screaming out of the house stating that Joseph had attempted to rape her. He was immediately sent to prison, however Potiphar knew he was innocent. He was sentenced to be the keeper of the prison and not a beaten inmate. At one time during his imprisonment, Joseph had the opportunity to meet the Pharaoh’s butler and baker who were convicted of crimes against their king. These two men had dreams which Joseph came to interpret. The butler’s dream meant that he would return to his service in the king’s house in three days. The baker’s dream meant that in three days, the Pharaoh would hang him by a tree. When the three days arrived, the dreams that Joseph interpreted had come to pass. Several years after the incident with the butler and baker, Pharaoh had a confusing dream which no one could interpret. The baker tells Pharaoh of Joseph and his ability which results in Joseph being summoned from the prison. Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and states that after seven years of plenty, there will be seven years of great famine in the land of Egypt. Pharaoh announces over his house that Joseph will be ruler over the collection of food for the next seven years. He
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