Josephine Pokua

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I have had the pleasure of working with Josephine Pokua for nearly three years while she was a member of the Social Action Committee, then when she served as the chair of the Social Action Committee of the Black Action Society and rose to the rankings of Executive Secretary on the Executive Board of BAS. I served as the Social Action Chair when I first met Josephine. Then chose her to head the Social Action Committee when I became president. The Black Action Society (BAS) is the recognized student organization of the University of Pittsburgh for addressing the concerns, needs, and interests of Black students. The three major objectives of the Social Action Committee are academic excellence, community service, and socio-political activism.

Without a doubt, Josephine demonstrates these objectives through her hard work and participation in the organization. She has been an active member of BAS since the Fall of 2014. For example, Social Action with the leadership of Josephine hosted a general body meeting entitled, “Green is the New Black”. This was an educational event about the intersection of race, class, and environmental justice (i.e. Flint Water Crisis, Dakota Access Pipeline, etc.). Josephine took the initiative to
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Also, she is a good listener who can convey information clearly and effectively to individuals and groups. Therefore, I confidently recommend Josephine for graduate level coursework and believe she will be available addition to your program. Furthermore, I am also equally confident that she possesses the empathy, caring nature, dependability, listening skills, hard work, and intellectual capacity to become an amazing health care professional. Above all, I am certain that Josephine will utilize her compassion, insight, and grace in all her future endeavors and reach a goal she established for
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