Josh Hamilton: A True Hero

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What exactly is a hero? To some it’s a fictional character with a cape who possesses a special power that helps them do great things for others; and to others it a completely different story. To me, a hero is someone who has made a good difference on not just my life, but others as well and has inspired us to never give up, to better ourselves, and to try and live life to the fullest. For example, Josh Hamilton, he has made a big difference and has had a good impact on my life in probably every aspect you can think of and not only that, but he has shown me that you can always get back up and fight, you can always overcome your life’s obstacles, also he has shown me that you should always have your faith in the Lord.
Josh Hamilton has made a
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After his grandmother, Mary Holt, confronted him and with his wife’s encouragement to walk with God, Josh was baptized giving his life to the Lord. After Josh had been sober for 8 months, in June 2006, the MLB let him play baseball again where he played for the Cincinnati Reds. In 2007 both Josh and the Reds had their ups and down. Josh finally found his groove around midseason. He had hit 19 homeruns and was batting around .300 after 298 at-bats. Hamilton had hit rock bottom, but he got back, fought, and changed his life. Now every time I feel like my life is going downhill and I get low I think about him and it reminds me that no matter how low you get, you can always get back up and…show more content…
Josh Hamilton has had a very rough life, involving a bunch of things you don’t want to get involved in ever, and has been to the lowest of the lows, but that never stopped him from getting back up, cleaning his self-up, and become a MLB star that has not only had an impact on me, but a lot of others around me and around the world. As you can tell, a hero is not just a fictional character with a cape that has a special power that helps him help other people; it is way more. To them it’s someone who helped them change their life, someone who inspired them to live better and to help inspire others also, or just someone who helps them keep and strengthen their faith with the Lord; and that is exactly what Josh Hamilton is and that is why he is not just my hero, but a lot of other peoples hero
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