Josh Project, Special Olympics, And Junior Olympics

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Throughout the past year, I have enjoyed volunteering at events that meant a lot to me. Doing service hours is not something I dread because I always end up making really great memories. My favorite events I gave time to was the Josh project, Special Olympics, and USA Swimming’s Junior Olympics. I learned much more than I expected from these amazing experiences, especially involving the less fortunate, disabled, and children in general.
First, the Josh Project is an organization held at the high school of St. Francis for the less fortunate, intercity families. It is completely free and is open to anyone who has the desire to learn how to swim, no matter what age. It originates from a young boy named Josh who has passed away. Josh slipped and
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Francis. It is similar to the Josh Project besides it is for disabled people of all ages. Before my first day volunteering for this organization, I was nervous because I had never done anything involving handicapped individuals. This ended up being one of the most fun and inspiring experiences. Every person that I gave swim lessons to was incredibly happy at all times, even when they were struggling. At times, it was difficult for them to grasp the concepts of certain things, but they never gave up. They always wanted to keep going and sometimes would refuse to get out of the water because they loved it so much. I learned so much from this experience and continue to be very inspired by their will to strive for more and there uncontrollable laughs while doing…show more content…
These swimmers have to achieve certain cut times in their races in order to compete. It is held at the Ohio State University/Miami University in March and July. I have swam in this meet ever since I was eight years old, but this year it was different. Once a swimmer passes 15 years of age, they are unable to swim any races during this meet. This was my first year volunteering there and it consisted of being the deck marshall as well as one of the timers for the different swimming events. I did not expect the meet to be much different than it was before, besides the fact I was not allowed to compete in any races. My thoughts were completely wrong. I finally got the view the youngest and oldest swimmers achieving their goals they had worked very hard for instead of only focusing on my races. It was incredible the amount of happiness I saw at the end of each race. The biggest thing I viewed, was the support each swimmer had for one another. Everyone was always trying to help pump-up each other to do their very best. During this experience, I learned there is much more to sports than winning. The friendships made during the sport is what truly will last a lifetime. Overall, giving my talent of swimming to help anyone is one of my favorite things to do. I had so much fun completing these service hours because it taught and inspired me in more ways than I ever could have predicted. I am thankful
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