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His name is Josh Sundquist. The story mostly takes place in flashbacks and Minnesota, where he talks to all the girls he ever had a crush on and why things didn’t work out between them. He has brown hair and slightly blueish eyes, and he is right around 6ft tall, and he only has one leg, he lost his left leg when he was 9 years old because of cancer, he became a paralympic skier because of this.. Throughout the small amount of life he has lived he has always blamed other people or circumstances for his mistakes, but it was his own problem, because he was afraid of what people would think of him, all because he had one leg, other people didn’t have a problem with him, he had a problem with himself because of his disability.

The main events
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They liked him because they thought he was a cool person, he was himself never acted like anyone else and was always understanding and not rude. They didn’t know secretly he hated himself for the way he looked and how his body was the way it was. I think these feelings are present because at one point in time, they did like him, and he didn’t make a move, so maybe they felt weird or confused, but they liked him, and he did nothing about it because he hated himself and was scared of rejection, we all are.

Reading this book is like looking through the eyes of a different life, one where you have one leg and hate yourself for it, one where you are attractive enough that people don’t care how many legs you have and still want to be with you. Reading something like this helps you relate, relate to people who do struggle with less limbs than most, or have cancer and are struggling to live a normal life. It helps you understand what someone else feels and the main reason you should care is if you had to live like this and you had an interesting story about your life, wouldn’t you want to share it, and have people who actually care about it, pretend it’s your story, is it interesting now?
It also tries to make you love yourself no matter what kind of events have happened
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