Josh Taggart's Black Holes: A Narrative Fiction

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Josh Taggart walked into the office as if it belonged to him, his entire demeanor cold and detached, taking in everything with the swift efficiency of a machine. He did not come from money. His suit was off the rack. Whereas Miria was pale, he was dark, with black hair and blacker eyes that seemed to swallow all the light around them as they took in his surroundings. Surroundings that had been handed to this woman on a silver platter with gold inlay. And he was expected to learn from her?

He supposed she was intelligent enough on paper, but her track record suggested either a lack of her vaunted Windsor intellect, or a lack of drive. Either way, he was not impressed. Not that he could admit such a thing. He was, after all, still in high school.
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Where would he be by this time next year? He knew exactly where he’d be. The real question was where would Miria be? He shook her hand when she greeted him, grip firm and dark eyes holding her green ones, only flitting to her impressive breasts when she looked away. He grew hard at the thought of what he would like to do to that perfect rack—what he would do to it.

Rather than waiting to be directed to a seat, he simply strode around Miria, back behind her desk, and slid a drive onto her computer. A few quick strokes on the keyboard and several programs were up and running, including one that played a video he knew she thought had been destroyed. One from her time in college when she had gotten her first taste of the real world and joined a sorority. Lewd sounds filled the office as a younger Miria was hazed on screen—and then the video projected in a three dimensional rendering, a hologram, in the center of the office.

“You know, Miss Windsor,” Josh said. “I would have expected someone with your background to be more cognizant of their digital footprint.” He fixed her with a dead glare. “What exactly were you thinking when this video took place? Or were you thinking at all?” He wasn’t actually taller than her, he was still growing and filling out, but in that instant, Josh Taggart seemed to tower over Miria
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