Joshamee Gibbs Archetypes Essay

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What do Joshamee Gibbs (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl/Terry Rossio) and Phileas Fogg (Around the World in 80 Days/Jules Verne) have in common? Well, from a distance they have nothing in common. Joshamee Gibbs is a pirate found in a blockbuster film. Passepartout is a french valet, from a book written in the 1800s. But, as the reader dives into the characters and their behaviors, a pattern or archetype can be seen. Archetypes are universal in every story and narrative. For the hero, there are 3 archetypes: tragic, romantic, and epic heroes, but for the other archetypes they are more broad and open to more variety. The hero is the protagonist, or main character in a film or book. The role of the companion is that of…show more content…
Passepartout tests Fogg’s morals and character. Will he save his servant and risk everything or leave him with the indians to possibly die? Companions often die, or are left behind causing distress or mourning to the protagonist and may build the character’s determination and motivation to continue with their quest. Dialogue between the companion and the hero is important to character development. Because the companion is the protagonist’s friend or helper, the companions often talk with the protagonist about their feelings, ideas, and thoughts. By expressing themselves the reader can get a better look into the hero’s true self through dialogue. In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl the protagonist, Will Turner, meets Jack Sparrow and his crew. Initially, he is disgusted of them as he brutally expresses his hatred towards pirates to Jack sparrow. Which is quite ironic, since he later finds out he is the son of a pirate. “Not a lot’s known about Jack before he showed up in Tortuga with a mind to find the treasure of the Isla de Muerta? That was before I’d met him, when he captained the Black Pearl. Wills head whips around swiftly. “What?” Will questions. Gibbs chokes on his alcohol. “He failed to mention that” Will exclaims softly. Gibbs pauses and explains, “He plays things closer to the vest now. A hard learned lesson it was. Three days out on the venture, the first mate says, everything 's an equal share. That means the location of the

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