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English Composition (ENG100)
Student name: Julianna Gedye Student number: 22061202
Exam number: 250494 Date: 12/8/2015 Evaluator: JLC September 30, 2015- ENTRY 1: ME, A WRITER? Attitude: I do not write a lot since I got out of high school. I do text my parents with full paragraphs without using abbreviations. I really do not like writing, but if I have to then I will. With this class, I know I have to write and I’m willing to, but I might take longer writing in third person then first person with a topic I’m not familiar with. I am great at looking at a picture and can write a story based it. I
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The reader may not understand why there is a pause in a certain area but not in the other. Commas can be used too much in a paper to also confuse the reader and maybe even the writer when rereading. My strengths as a writer are the ability to take any topic and research then write a paper based on that. I also take over used words and find synonym replacements to make my statement or sentence stronger. My weaknesses are using too many commas in one sentence, but I always reread my paper to make sure there are not that many. Another weakness of mine is cutting sentences when I think I might have used too many commas. I also revise my paper too much. I read my paper, and if I do not like it, then I rewrite that part over again. September 30, 2015- ENTRY 3: PREWRITING AND THESIS STATEMENT Brainstorm: Facebook, Skype, Meet Me, PlayStation App, Snapchat Respond: All of the social media apps and websites are similar in ways but also different. Facebook and Meet Me are the same apps but different names. PlayStation is different from the rest because of the fact that it is an app on the phone to stay connected with friends on PlayStation Network. Skype is a video chat website and app. Snapchat is a video and picture app that you can text
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