Journal 5 : Vulnerable Populations And Health Policy

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Journal 5: Vulnerable Populations and Health Policy Based on your readings for this class, discuss how your population of interest meets the definition of a vulnerable population. My population of interest thus meet the definition of a vulnerable population. Most African Americans women living in Nursing homes suffer from Depression. It could be as a result from other chronic illnesses and not just a single diagnosis of Depression. Some of the most common reasons they are admitted into long-term care facilities is because of Stroke, Diabetes with amputation, Cancer, lack of care givers, lack of finances, homelessness, age, and limited social and economic resources. These are all the factor that determines ones vulnerability. African…show more content…
Most of the patients I see in my area of practice a history suicide/homicidal ideation. Some have been abused or are high risk of being abused due to their mental illness. Working will this population is very rewarding for me because I can relate better since I come from Africa and the women there face worst situations and actually do not have one quarter of the resources the women in America have. I worked at a nursing facility in Dallas Oak cliff, most of the women there were living in poverty and will leave the facility and go do drugs in the apartment complex closed to the facility. They were not educated and so made poor choices. Because of them were homeless, they had no were else to go after rehabilitation from may be a stroke or gunshot wound from a criminal scene. As a provider in this facility with African American women with depression, I worked closely with the SW to get some of them day programs to go to for rehabilitation back into the society in combination with pharmacotherapy. I do think that there is stigma and prejudice among African American culture than among white cultures toward mental health issues which makes it hard for practitioner to diagnose them with Depression. Even after diagnosing these African Americans women, it is difficult for them to accept their diagnosis and seek treatment. They also do not like to see therapist for their
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