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Journal Article Analysis University of Phoenix Douglas Gurney, MBA Constructing Meaning PHL717 December 17, 2012 Dr. Kathy Kelly Journal Article Analysis Current views of the world, desires, dreams, goals, and the demands placed upon society are constantly transformed by present epistemological beliefs. Schommer-Aikens and Hutter (2002) investigated the relationship between an individuals’ belief about knowledge, learning or epistemological beliefs and how this relates to average conversational issues (Schommer-Aikens , Hutter, 2002). Using a study group of 174 adults ranging in age from 17 to 71, Schommer-Aikens and Hutter (2002) posed questions assessing beliefs of knowledge and the speed control of learning. Feldman addressed…show more content…
This particular article using the Schommer epistemological belief survey makes several assumptions. Those assumptions state those with a higher level of education are more likely to take on multiple perspectives, withhold decisions until information was available, acknowledge the complexity of everyday issues and were willing to modify thought processes or thinking (Schommer-Aikens, Hutter, 2002). The inference is those who take knowledge as a collection of data, not as segmented bits along with the attaining of a higher level of education were equipped for complex or critical thinking. This enabled each to understand the complexity of life, make crucial decisions, understand varying viewpoints and able to adapt as understanding grew. These assumptions have a practical significance and affect research. The Practical Significance of Assumptions and Their Effect on Research Inferences and practical assumptions are drawn during the research of this article, and one could argue some of the assumptions made were drawn before the research study ever began. Through personal epistemological beliefs society has long held the conviction those who attain a higher level of education are able to deal with the complexities of life. The practical significance of assumptions and their effect on the research conducted are
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