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Journal Article

A Paper in Partial Fulfillment of

ED 7311 Theory and Methods of Educating Adults

September 17, 2010

Introduction As companies continue to try to come up with a plan for remaining profitable, some are overlooking one of their best opportunities due to their short sightedness and obsession for short term gain. It is the very asset which most firms claim is their most important and the one which provides them their competitive advantage. It is also, in some companies, the asset which is most mistreated and neglected as it is the most costly. It is the company’s employees. I don’t know of any company which would not state that employees and their knowledge of the company, its products and services, processes,
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Knowles posits that adult learners are self directed and autonomous. They are goal oriented, practical and must see and understand the relevance of any training. Adults bring an abundance of experience and knowledge, experiential learning, with them. Most importantly, “…adults need to be shown respect.” (Lieb) Many times management misunderstands these characteristics, if they are even aware of them. Self directed learning means that adults will and want to learn given the proper motivation and conducive learning environment. As employees have a relevant reason for learning, new job or a desire for professional advancement, motivation is already established. Many times the learning environment is the issue. As payroll is a major factor for most companies, some attempt to lessen the expense by having training take place where training is least likely to be effective. For example, retail companies that have multiple locations often have training conducted in the local store. New hire training is conducted by the store manager or a designated individual. New hire training may consist of providing a tape or disc, to be reviewed at home on the employee’s time, along with online training and on the job training. Training many times consists of the trainer setting up the new employee in the system, getting online training started and leaving the employee on his/her own so that the trainer can attend to customer service needs as the
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