Journal Article Comparison: Different Audiences

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Journal article comparison: Different audiences
In my field of biology, the prospective audience for a piece of writing will substantially affect the way an article is presented. A biology article can be directed at a lay audience (such as an article on a new type of treatment or medicine for a popular magazine) or be highly technical and directed towards an audience of researchers in a peer-reviewed journal. In most cases, there are multiple types of audiences primary and secondary, as well as the 'gatekeeper' who approves the article and the larger 'watchdog' audience screening the article post-publication (Locker & Kaczmarek21). This multiplicity of audiences is perhaps most starkly evident in biology publications pertaining to nutrition.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is primarily directed to an audience of biology professionals in the field who specifically focus on nutrition. It also has a subset of primary audience readers who are clinical nutritionists, public policy makers, and professionals in the field of nutrition (like sports physiologists). There is also a larger 'watchdog' group of the media and various professional dietary-related agencies who frequently read the publication and screen for bias. Finally, even if the public does not generally read this publication, a lay audience often reads summaries of research findings, given its relevant to everyday lives.
The multifaceted nature of the audience of the Journal can be clearly seen in a 2013
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