Journal Article Critique (Amn400 - Consumer Behaviour)

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AMN 400 - Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item 1 - Journal Article Critique Word Count: 944 Words Introduction Thøgersen, Jørgensen & Sandager in their 2012 article Consumer Decision Making Regarding a “Green” Everyday Product” discuss consumer’s interaction with brands through the lens of product differentiation and the effects on involvement in the purchase process. The article examines the consumer behaviour of involvement and develops an understanding qualifying the differences between a high involvement interaction and a simple heuristic with respect to an everyday product. The Evaluative result is mixed: The article’s approach demonstrates a highly developed research methodology with clear and concise conclusions. However,…show more content…
Additionally, consumers tended towards an unfocused purchase decision with respect to their choice, excluding those consumers who’s buying patterns had a long-term association with a single brand. (Thøgersen, Jørgensen & Sandager, 2012) Critique A highly limiting factor with respect to the study undertaken is the consideration of the level of involvement with which consumers engage determined on the prevalence or complexity of the product type and/or category and the connection consumers may have with the volatility of brand construction in “green” alternatives. An aspect of involvement to be considered outside the causal and situationally engineered factors is the innate emotional connection that stimulates a consumers interest or arousal surrounding a particular product category (Rodríguez-Santos, González-Fernández & Cervantes-Blanco, 2011). Therefore when considering the heightened loyalty “green” consumers engage with in their product selectivity (Nagar, 2013) and the highly variable factors associated with adoption within new or differing product categories (Im, Bayus & Mason, 2003), the association or product choices made by consumers with a product that does not necessitate a high cognitive process suggest that the development of simple heuristics is almost synonymous to the selected product category. Furthermore, the influence of product differentiation which address a niche market may not necessarily override the attitudes and perspectives

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