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Journal Article Critique Paper Britnie Amedee, Kelsey Thompson, Angela Lipford BSHS/435 January 19, 2015 Mrs. Heather Suggs Journal Article Critique Paper “Electronic games are now an everyday part of childhood and adolescence” (Olsen, 2010). Considering children and adolescence are our future, parents need to consider and monitor how these electronic games are affecting their child. There are more studies afloat that report the negative affects of video games over the positive effects until recently. Children and adolescents become addicted to video games easily so it is important to monitor what they are playing and how it is affecting them and their character. A recent study on many boys and girls reported why they are…show more content…
More research needed to be completed on the other side of the spectrum, how video games can positively affect a child life. Next, Cheryl Olsen goes on to give the reasons why 1,254 boys and girls enjoy playing video games. Following these reasons she acknowledges the benefits the boys and girls receive from these video games. The reasons why they are benefitting from the video is broken into different sections such as; The Joy of Completion, The Opportunity to Lead, Youth Teaching Each Other, and Expressing Creativity. Just the few reasons previously stated are great enough to persuade the reader to continue reading. The journal article discusses the method the research study used to collect data from the sample. The research study utilized a survey that consisted of 17 questions related to motivation for playing video games. The survey was distributed to boys and girls in grades 7 and 8. A total of 1,254 surveys were completed between Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The children had four options for each statement: strongly disagree, somewhat disagree, somewhat agree, and strongly agree. The top three statements were: "it's just fun", "it's exciting", and "something to do when bored." The remaining 14 statements were all written in a positive context related to learning, emotional maintenance, and social aspects. The article provided complete and clear information related to how the
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