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Journal Article Critique Paper Britnie Amedee, Kelsey Thompson, Angela Lipford BSHS/435 January 19, 2015 Mrs. Heather Suggs Journal Article Critique Paper “Electronic games are now an everyday part of childhood and adolescence” (Olsen, 2010). Considering children and adolescence are our future, parents need to consider and monitor how these electronic games are affecting their child. There are more studies afloat that report the negative affects of video games over the positive effects until recently. Children and adolescents become addicted to video games easily so it is important to monitor what they are playing and how it is affecting them and their character. A recent study on many boys and girls reported why they are…show more content…
The girls and boys are equally motivated by creativity and curiosity. Girls tended to learn more towards playing games that allowed them to create worlds from their own imagination. This article provided a substantial amount of description when discussing the statistics used to describe the data. We believe the methods used to describe the data are appropriate and sufficient. The descriptions of the statistics are developed from the survey conducted and given to the children. All of the data collected is suggested from the survey subjects themselves, which can be constituted as reliable and valid. I also think the researcher developed some very detailed, open-ended questions for the survey subjects to answer, which provided the researcher with a sufficient amount of data to examine. There is potential for limitations, especially when researching different sexes of the players. Things that make video games fun and educational for boys may not have the same effect on girls. For example, the flow of a game has to be consistent in order for the player to remain engaged in the game play. A video game that develops visual-spatial skills, which is difficult to develop in girls, may not flow for a girl like it would a boy. In order to excel at playing video games, the player has to possess a wider range of skills and a higher tolerance for frustration. This could limit a player if they did not display these characteristics. As far as ethical

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