Journal Article Review: The Fitness Benefits of Pushing a Baby Stroller

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There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle that includes adequate amounts of physical activity. One of the biggest benefits is improved cardiovascular health. Other benefits are reductions in the occurrence of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancers. There is also a decrease in anxiety and depression in physically active individuals. Among women at various ages throughout the lifespan, it has been shown that physical activity positively influences general health, mental health, reduction in the rate of obesity, and overall vitality.1 These same benefits apply to postpartum women particularly improved psychosocial well-being and cardiovascular fitness. Return…show more content…
Each trial of walking was approximately 5 to 6 minutes in length. After each trial, the participants rested until their heart rate returned to resting level. The authors hypothesized that pushing a weighted baby stroller would meet activity recommendations of public health organizations for moderate-intensity exercise, which their findings supported and proved true for most of the variables considered. At a speed of 3 mph, the mean intensity was 4.8 METs for pushing a single stroller and 5.3 METs for a double stroller, which both the requirement for moderate intensity physical activity (3.0-5.9 METs). At a speed of 4 mph, the mean intensity was 7.0 METs for bother the single and double strollers, which meets the requirement for vigorous intensity physical activity. Overall, the heart rate achieved by the double stroller group was higher than the single stroller group at both speeds. When the intensity was expressed as % HRmax, all of the exercise conditions except pushing a single stroller at 3 mph met the threshold for moderate intensity exercise.1 In a study by Evenson et al,2 they looked at the beliefs, barriers, and enablers of physical activity in postpartum women. This study was an extension of the Pregnancy, Infection, and Nutrition (PIN3) Study called the PIN3 Postpartum Study that focused on collecting data from the participants during the postpartum period. The study conducted home interviews

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