Journal Articles Summary: Group Psychotherapy

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Running Head: JOURNAL ARTICLES SUMMARY Journal Articles Summary: Group Psychotherapy Self-disclosure in Psychotherapy Supervisors: Gender Differences This journal article discusses the issue of self-disclosure in psychotherapy, which is greatly affected by the gender differences. The relationship between the supervisors and the trainees is very much dependent upon the relation of the two. Sometimes they become so familiar with each other that they get involve in sexual relationships, which is unethical and creates the bad impression of supervisors. The article suggested a way of creating understanding between trainee and supervisor by self-disclosure as the trainees who self-disclose themselves feel more connected to the supervisors. However, an issue highlighted related with self-disclosure was of gender, which according to the authors influence the supervisory process. The authors performed two studies; one for studying the role of self-disclosure and other for differences of gender. The results showed that the trainees and supervisors of the medical profession have different opinions regarding the gender role behaviors and differential socialization patterns about appropriate self-disclosure in psychotherapy supervision. Psychotherapy Supervision in the 1990s: Some Observations and Reflections In this article, the author Edward Watkins discusses ten ideas or conclusions about the psychotherapy supervision. These ten points highlight the several psychotherapy
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