Journal Critique - Staffing Issues Among Small Hospitality Businesses

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Critical analysis of ‘staffing issues among small hospitality business: A college town case’

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Executive summary
Staff turnover is the phenomenon with high frequency and large-scale flow, and turnover is greater than industry normal value. Overall, staff turnover is conducive to better match with the staff, which can bring about the healthy development of enterprises (Norma, Gillian & Sandra, 2002). Especially when the employee because of ability or health status can not be qualified for jobs offered to resign, it can reduce the burden on the organization. If staff turnover remained at a normal range, but also promote tissue absorb the new forces, optimizing
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To add to their woes, restaurateurs also have to deal with the problem of high turnover (Sunley, 2006), due to a failure by operators to recognize the importance of investing in their most valued employees (Enz, 2004). Therefore, the importance of this research is not only for the research community, but also the hospitality industry itself and its many stakeholders; not least owner-operators in limited extant literature surrounding these questions. For example, while a number of challenges entrepreneurs face in college towns may be viewed as similar to those faced by the wider hospitality industry; a scarcity of literature may be preventing managers from zoning in on potential solutions to these problems. The main objective of the present study is to explore the challenges these operators face in an attempt to answer the questions previously posed. 2.3 Literature review
In this paper, it gave out a detailed literature review about the challenges among hospitality operations and consequence. It referenced nearly 30 latest reputable sources. Through these extensive literatures, the authors understood the issues

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