Journal Entry 1 : Me, A Writer?

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Journal Entry 1: Me, A Writer?

Attitude: After reading chapters 1-4 in my textbook my attitude toward completing this course is optimistic. Writing has always been one of my weaker skills and I am hoping to improve my skills drastically after completing this course. I know the improvement will only come after lots of practice. Just as the common phrase says, practice makes perfect! Being required to take this course will only improve my skills. I feel like I already have a great base to build off of and completing all the course objectives will for sure sky rockets my skills.

Inventory: I loved the inventory exercise! I already knew that I had an independent and emotional learning style. As far as the other aspects go I never knew that I was pragmatic, spatial or concrete! I think it is important that if I have a strength in one area that I can still act in the opposite way since learning style tendencies are not set in stone. Two things that I would like to improve about myself as a writer are how I process information and the level of interaction I have with others. I think that improving those two things would open me up to be more creative in the writing process.

Journal Entry 2: The Role of Correctness in Writing

Grammar, spelling and punctuation all play an important role in the relationship between the writer and the reader. Grammatically correct texts are easier to read. Also, when you have a proper understanding of grammar is also makes the writing process…

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