Journal Entry Essay: The Awakening

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I like not to have never gone back to sleep and once I did it was a fitful sleep; I tossed and turned trying to renew my dreams, but they did not return. The following morning, I woke tired and most depressed. I should have been relaxed after experiencing such consuming orgasms, but I felt the opposite. I paced the floor thinking of the dream… I contemplated revealing the nights sensual “dreams” to Angelique then changed my mind.
About ten thirty that morning, she sent a servant to ask that I join her for brunch. It was just across the street so when the time came, Benét helped me dress and then I walked over. A handsome male servant ushered me in. It was my first visit to the townhouse since my marriage to Louis. I blushed, wondering if he was one of
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His grandfather, Henry Neville, was a famous novelist. Thomas will be too, one day, won’t you Thomas,” she said taking his hand. “I met Thomas when I was about your age,” Angelique was flawless in her speech and demeanor. I could see that this ‘Novelist’ was infatuated by her charms. Indeed, one could say that he was flaunting over her.
Thomas bowed and said, “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mademoiselle, uh, Madame Lafontaine. You are as beautiful as your mother was at your age…” he turned to Angelique, his eyes questioning. She shook her head in the negative. That was when I knew that he wondered if he was my father.
“I know that I was supposed to accompany you and Monsieur Boudreaux to the play tonight, but Thomas and I have decided to spend the night catching up. It has been a while since we've talked,” Angelique said, as she sat down and poured tea into a cup; she handed it to him. With my dreams of the night before fresh on my mind and ma mére having this visitor, I had forgotten that after dinner the night before that Ransom, Angelique, and I had made plans to see the new play that was being performed in La Nouvelle-Orléans.
“Which play?” asked Thomas
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