Journal Entry: Jamie

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It’s the night before the first day of high school. At 1:00AM, Jamie still nervously lies awake on her bed, while thinking about her new chapter in life. Middle school wasn’t the best experience for her, as she was bullied for being “overweight” and being a nerd. Neither boys nor girls liked her for the way she was. Jamie couldn’t wait for high school to start so she could never see them again. During the summer, Jamie spent most of her time alone at home as her parents both worked long hours. Her daily activities consist of going on Facebook, playing with her Barbie, watching television, reading the Bible, and purging. Jamie had developed the disorder of anorexia nervosa and purged out whatever she ate in order to lose weight to be…show more content…
It has been the same everyday for Jamie, going to school, then hanging out, then coming back home. But by late December, she started to frequently feel nauseas. Feeling uncomfortable, she secretly buys a pregnancy test. To her disbelief, the results became positive. What just happened? How am I pregnant? Who is the father? These were the questions that raced through the mind of Jamie. She was in fact a victim of rape during the night of the party and had passed out from excessive alcohol consumption. Her life crumbles in front her. All the suffering and hard work to get where she was fell in that one moment. The feeling of vulnerability of being a female suddenly hit her like a wall, and she broke down, sobbing. Knowing she would not be accepted, she tried to hide the pregnancy as much as possible, until one day, she ran out of class to throw up. Suspicions arose amongst the classmates as well as from the parents. Rumors spread like wildfire on social media. Its funny how with the intention of the Internet to unite everybody, it seems to barricade us with hate that separates us even further. Jamie’s parents eventually caught on to the rumors and had confronted her. Being religiously oriented, her parents did not accept Jamie and reluctantly exiled her from the house. Frustrated, confused, and heartbroken, Jamie spends her night crying herself to sleep outside a church. In her mind, she was wondering how
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