Journal Entry On The Long Road Home

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The long road home
Journal entry #1
Each night’s the same restless,long,tossing,turning,screams...and nightmares.Every time i close my eyes i see it I see a day that will be burned into my head its what we survivors call the “The day the whole world went away”.I see the fire in the sky,the loud boom that split the clouds and the sound of hope bring ripped from this earth,it keeps me up and the only time i can put that beast to rest is to drink it to bed but that doesn’t even help all the time.I hate talking about it,hell the only reason i’m writing in this is because it makes me feel like i actually have someone to talk to in a world where no one can be trusted but yourself well for the most part anyway.I also do this to leave something behind
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.”Well you stop bitching!” i yelled to the brown greenish eyed boy behind me,i could see out the corner of my eye his long face sink almost like it would hit the ground at any second.It was a face that reminded me of a face a once saw long ago from someone i use to know.”Hey Pete...i mean Echo i’m sorry i didn’t mean to yell at you it’s just the heat is getting to me and I just want to get to where we are going and fast as possible” i said upset with myself over my own actions.He looked up from that long look and said “it’s fine,but can i ask you a question”.i knew what that question would be and i know i had avoided it for as long as possible.”Who is pete?,it’s not the first time you’ve call me that either” he said with a new confused and curious look on his face.With a long sigh and a deep breath i turned to him and said”Just some you remind me of that’s all,someone i knew a long time ago”.He look right in my eyes and said “i feel like there’s more to it”I just looked down at the dirt and said one day i’ll tell you but for now we need to get off this scorched piece of highway and find someplace to sleep,it’s getting late and i…show more content…
I was there in my dream reliving that day Norfolk, Nov 22 1989 or “The day the whole world went away” I could see it my old high school an 18 year old me walking down the hall seeing all of my friends i remember asking them what they were doing for Thanksgiving tomorrow.I remember asking this girl i liked to go see back to the future 2 with me but boy was she something else long blonde hair and a face that could just make me smile thinking about it,hell i still have those tickets in my dad’s old wallet.fuck i couldn't tell if it was a dream still for if i was in hell being forced to relive this day.I was newly 18 and ready for school to be over and make my father and my country proud,I was already signed up to go to the army after all the Russians were pushing europe around and we need soldiers to fight those damn communist,we needed them so bad that I was leaving for boot camp in december they had cut my last year in half since i signed before the draft was officially put in place and I was ready to give my life if need be.I was walking into the recruiter's office and when I saw everyone looking at the TV like zombies no one said anything just looked on all the soldiers in the office started to rush off and yelled and one to ask what the hell was going on i was scared and his response still haunts me “We’re going to war son”.I looked on the TV for myself and saw it for myself the United States and the Soviet Union were now at war,Then it hit me my little brother i
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