Journal Entry : Summary And Articles

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This journal entry will mainly be focusing on chapter 4 which is about summarizing. Each journal entry is about different chapters but when writing these entries, it gives a good understanding of each of the chapters and what specifically we have learned from the chapters. Summarizing is used throughout your career and in every aspect of your life while you read anything. People summarize topics and articles all the time. In my opinion, I feel reading a summery is easily and faster than reading an entire book article. You can get a good and core understand of any topic quickly just by reading a summary. People also usually summarize everything; not only is summaries used in books but it is also used in movies and shows to give us a mini summery of what the movie or television show is mainly about without having to watch the whole movie or show. I know for myself, I have read up on a lot of summaries for previous televisions shows that I might have missed so that I can catch on to the present episodes. Summaries can also be used at work when you are trying to help someone understand and teach a specific topic and not have them go through reading and understanding pages. Now, how to write a summary becomes the difficult part. Not everyone knows how to write a summery or how to summarize topics. It becomes difficult for people to read a whole article, book, or chapters and have to summarize them into a 1-2 page paper explaining the main concepts and ideas. There are a lot of
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