Journal Of The Plague Year Essay

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This paper is a literary analysis of a select passage from page 151 of Daniel Defoe’s, Journal of the Plague Year. The focus of this passage is the narrator’s feelings about the plague’s relationship with human nature. In this passage H.F. (Defoe) asserts that another plague year would reconcile all destructive differences between people. Consequently, this passage does not correspond with the expected perspective of a plague survivor. The original intent of Journal of the Plague year was to be a realistic account of the plague from the prospective of H.F., a man living in London during the great visitation of 1665. The intention of the book does not match the content of the passage from page 151 because in this passage Daniel Defoe repeatedly…show more content…
This section of the passage also highlights the passages theme of the individual versus the collective. Specifically, through the perspective of H.F., Defoe asserts that religious sects should combine into one overarching religion. In that, the Anglican church should bind with dissenting religions and therefore absorb more of their characteristics. Although H.F. has this opinion, he believes that it is not feasible. He claims, he has, “no mind to enter arguments” (151), but again his persuasive language contradicts this claim. Defoe continues to cover up his opinion, which further illustrates how he is trying to hide how his personal perspective is influencing his writing.
In summary, the authors perspective as someone is not a survivor of the plague heavily influenced the content of this passage. The passage’s bias shows Defoe’s insertion of his own opinion. His detached perspective is evident through H.F.’s emotional distance, use of persuasive language, and attempts to conceal his own opinion. This passage contains the inappropriate bias of the author, which deceives the reader who believes this is the opinion of a survivor of the plague of
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